Episode 3 – Castel Frentano And Orsogna

In this third episode in the Courage And Valour series we hear from veterans of the New Zealand Infantry remembering their part in the battles to take the German regional headquarters and the nearby village of Castel Frentano, and their attempt to also capture the stronghold village of Orsogna.

As well as battling the Germans, these kiwi troops had to also contend with weather they’d never struck before, battling the cold, the mud, the rain and the heavy snowfalls. This campaign lasted from November 1943 through to late January 1944.

Featuring in order of this episode:
Colin Murray (24 Battalion)
Harry Hopping (24 Battalion)
Galvan Garmonsway (24 Battalion)
Pat Green (24 Battalion)
Gordon Briggs (23 Battalion)
Fred Blank (24 Battalion)
Maurie Hodgson (26 Battalion)
Ted “Bluey” Homewood (21 Battalion)
Jack Cummins (22 Battalion)
Norm Harris (24 Battalion)

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes 9 seconds
Narration provided by Jason McQuarters
Recordings and Editing by Dave Homewood
Produced by Dave Homewood

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