Courage And Valour Extra – Kay de Lautour

In this Courage And Valour “Extra” episode Dave Homewood has a brief chat with artist Kay de Latour, who is the daughter of Italian Campaign veteran Eric de Latour. She lives very near to Cassino in Italy where her father fought, and she’s very involved with keeping the memory of the war veterans there alive through her art, her Legato exhibitions, her tour guiding around the battle sites, and as Chairman of the Monte Cassino Foundation. Click the player below to listen to the interview, or feel free to hit the download button to keep a copy.



Left: Kay de Lautour with her father Eric de Lautour, who served in 25 Battalion in North Africa before transferring to 18th Armoured Regiment as a Signals Driver in Italy.




Here are her websites:

The Legato Exhibition

Kay’s Art Page


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